The idea for W.O.D. Hand Repair products was born after our family Thanksgiving dinner in November 2016. The story behind the idea involves my brother, Scott, and myself. I’m the co-founder of M&C Naturals, a family-owned, all-natural skin care manufacturer in Harrisburg, PA and parent company of W.O.D. Hand Repair. Scott is the owner and head coach of CrossFit Rhythm in Reading, PA.

Scott had just finished trying several of our M&C Naturals products and mentioned that his gym members are always dealing with dry, cracked or ripped hands following their workouts. He thought that our salve and moisturizing scrub products may be the answer to helping their hands.

So, we immediately went to work developing salve and scrub formulas for functional fitness athletes that would contain as many healing essential oils and moisturizing ingredients as we could pack into them.

Scott then tested our salve and scrub on his members and the results (and their feedback) is the reason W.O.D. Hand Repair exists today.

Our goal with W.O.D. Hand Repair products is to keep functional fitness athlete’s hands healthy to withstand the abuse of daily workouts and protect the financial investment they make in themselves to stay in great shape.

We have priced our products as affordably as possible and developed a free affiliate program designed to financially benefit functional fitness gym owners and their members.

Also, we have a Brand Rep program for functional fitness athletes that provides them with financial benefits and allows for cross-promotion of their fitness achievements and our products.

Finally, the most rewarding part of what we do is our giving policy to donate $1.00 for each W.O.D. Hand Repair product that we sell to a U.S. military charity. This is our way of paying back Scott for his service as a U.S. Marine and for the soldiers who sacrifice themselves to give us the ability and freedom to make and sell our products.

If you are a W.O.D. Hand Repair customer, then please feel free to reach out directly to me to provide feedback on our products. I’m very interested in seeing and hearing how our products work for our customers.

Thanks for visiting with us and I hope to hear from you!

Chad Rohrbach, Co-Founder