Are your products gluten-free?

Yes, all of our products are gluten-free.

Are your products non-GMO?

Yes, all of our products are non-GMO.

Are your products tested on animals?

NO! Our products are created in small-batches and each batch is personally tested by our team.

Why have you removed the aloe vera from your Salve?

Great question! We are constantly working to create the best possible products for our customers. By removing the aloe vera gel from our production process we are now able to create a salve with improved feel and skin coverage upon application.

Is it normal for the Salve to feel "grainy" once in a while?

Yes, we only use unrefined butters in our salve which can be susceptible to changes in temperature thus causing the crystals in the butter to separate which creates the "grainy" feel. Even though you may experience this on occasion, the product is perfectly fine. The salve will melt upon contact with the heat from your hands.

How should I care for my products?

Our products are made without synthetic preservatives. Please follow the directions listed on our product labels, as well as the product pages listed on this website.

Here are a few additional tips to extend the life of your purchase.

    • Avoid getting water inside the scrub container. Bacteria loves water and a wet environment. Use a clean, dry scoop to prevent bacteria from finding its way into your product.
    • Tighten all lids after use.


    Do you ever offer discount codes?

    Yes, each of our affiliates is provided with a unique discount code for their members. Please visit our Affiliates page to find an affiliate near you.

    Can I use more than one discount code on my order?

    Sorry, discount codes are limited to one per order.

    When will you ship my order?

    We don’t keep a large inventory of our products on-hand as we want your products to be as fresh as possible. Please visit our Shipping Policy page for more information on how long it takes for us to process and ship your order.

    Do you ship Internationally?

    Sorry! We do not ship outside of the United States at this time.

    I’m not happy with the products I ordered from you. What can I do?

    What matters to us most is your satisfaction. If you're not happy with your purchase, please contact us immediately via email at


    I have a question, but I don’t see it listed on this page.

    No problem! Email us at and we'll be happy to help you.